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Similar words: timpeall · timpeallú · urthimpeall · imeall · teampall
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thimpeall could be a grammatical form of: timpeall »
thimpeall = timpeall.
~aint síos, suas, i do thimpeall, an bealach eile, to look down, up, around, the other way.
Ag ~ i mo thimpeall, hovering about me.
Ní raibh siad ~ ina thimpeall, they didn’t stand firmly by him.
Chuir sé ~ dá bhachall ina thimpeall, he marked it round with his staff.
Chuir siad míle de thimpeall orthu féin, they added a mile to their journey by going round.
Sheas siad ina thimpeall, they stood round him.
Ní féidir teacht ina thimpeall, it is impossible to circumvent him. (Of subject)
Ag teacht ina thimpeall, discussing it.
Tá ceithre troithe de thimpeall aige, it has a circumference of four feet.
Tá do sháith de thimpeall agat, you have quite a girth.
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