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Similar words: tiocfaidh · fiochadh · friochadh · criothadh · friochtadh
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thiocfadh could be a grammatical form of: tar »
thiocfadh :tar1.
Ní dúirt sé ~ a thiocfadh sé, he didn’t say when he would come.
Ní thiocfadh leat a bheith ~ den bhoc sin, you couldn’t be sure of that boyo.
Ní thiocfadh an ~ suas leis, no one could be up to him.
Thiocfadh meas agat air, you would get to respect him.
Thiocfadh bá agat leo, you would get to like them.
Thiocfadh duit go bhfuil an ceart agat, it could be that you are right.
Thiocfadh dó, that may be.
Ní thiocfadh sé domsa an cineál sin éadaigh a chaitheamh, it wouldn’t suit me to wear those kind of clothes.
Ní thiocfadh an focal liom, I couldn’t think of the word.
Thiocfadh aer na tíre sin go maith leat, the climate of that country would suit you well.
Thiocfadh liom cuidiú leat, I could help you.
Ní thiocfadh liom a leithéid sin a dhéanamh, I couldn’t do the like of that.
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