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thig could be a grammatical form of: tar »
thig, var. pres. of tar1.
Ní thig liom ~ a bhaint as, I cannot see the significance of it.
Ní thig liom mo theanga a chasadh air, I can’t get my tongue round it, pronounce it.
Ní thig léi ~ ar bith a bhaint den ógánach sin aici, she can get no good out of that young fellow of hers.
Ní thig liom mo lámh a chorraí, I can’t move my hand.
Ní thig liom ~ a bhaint as, I am unable to deal with, manage, him.
Ní thig liom na litreacha a dhealú ó chéile, I can’t distinguish the letters.
An rud a thig thar dhroim an diabhail imíonn sé faoina bholg, what is got over the devil’s back is spent under his belly; ill got, ill spent.
Ní thig liom mo smaointe a chur in ~, I am unable to frame my thoughts.
Ní thig liom ~ a bhaint as na cúrsaí seo, I can’t say what these affairs will lead to.
Ní h~ go haontíos; ní thig ~ gan aontíos, if you want to know me come and live with me.
Ní thig liom dul níos faide leis, I can’t continue any farther with it.
Má thig leis an cíos a fháil, if he can find the rent.
Ní thig liom ~acht níos faide, I can’t wait any longer.
Ní thig liom filleadh ná ~, ~ ná fiaradh, a bhaint as, I can’t bend it in the least; I can’t make him budge.
Ní thig liom féar ná ~ a dhéanamh, I can neither make hay nor bind (corn), I can’t make myself useful.
Ní thig liom an bia a fhulaingt ar mo ghoile, my stomach won’t tolerate the food.
Chomh tiubh ~ is a thig leat, as fast as ever you can.
Ní thig leis an n~ an dá thrá a fhreastal, one cannot be everywhere, attend to everything, at once.
Ní thig liom a ngrá le chéile, I can’t get them to make friends.
Ní thig leat é a bheith ina ghruth is ina mheadhg agat, you can’t have it both ways, have everything to suit your whims.
Ní thig liom ~ a chur air, I can’t say, pronounce, it.
Ní thig liom ~ ar bith a dhéanamh air, I can’t make any fist of it.
Ní thig luas le ~, speed is not conducive to accuracy.
Ní thig liom mo chos chlé a ~ean fúm, I can’t stand on my left foot.
~ a thig, frequent (and sometimes unwelcome) visitor.
Ní thig ~ i dtír nach fearrde duine éigin, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.
Ní thig liom mo mhuinchille a réiteach as na driseacha, I can’t free my sleeve from the briars.
Ní thig liom an diúlach sin a sheasamh, I can’t stand that fellow.
Ní thig liom, I can’t.
Chomh ~ (géar, te) is a thig leat, as fast as ever you can.
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