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tomhais could be a grammatical form of: tomhas »
tomhais1, v.t. & i. (vn. -as).1. Measure; weigh, gauge, estimate. (a)Fad, leithead, airde, ruda a thomhas, to measure the length, the width, the height, of sth. Doimhneacht an uisce a thomhas, to gauge the depth of the water. Talamh a thomhas, to measure land. Thomhais an táilliúr mé le haghaidh culaithe, the tailor took my measure for a suit. (b)Galún bainne a thomhas chuig duine, to measure out a gallon of milk to s.o. Mar a thomhais sé chugam thomhais mé chuige, I gave him as good as I got. (c)Intinn, rún, duine a thomhas, to judge s.o.’s mind, intention. Bhí sé do mo thomhas i rith an ama, he was weighing me up all the time. Tá sé ~te agam, I have his measure. (d)Céim, caint, thomhaiste, measured step, speech. Bhí sé ag tomhas na bhfocal, he was measuring his words; he was guarded in his speech. (e)Thomhais sé a dhorn liom, he cocked his fist at me. Bhí siad ag tomhas dorn le chéile, (of fighters) they were sparring for an opening. 2. Guess. ~ cé atá anseo, guess who is here. Ní thomhaisfeá cé mé féin, you’d never guess who I am. Thomhais tú é, you’ve guessed it, you are quite right.
tomhais2 :tomhas.
Ag cur ~ tomhas, giving out riddles.
Tomhas ~, exact measure.
Tomhas, orlach, míle, ~, square measure, inch, mile.
An focal, an freagra, an tomhas, ~, the right word, answer, measure.
Thomhais mé Éire ina ~eanna miona, I have stepped every sod of, walked in every corner of, Ireland.
~ a thomhais ort! Guess!
~ meáchan (agus tomhas), table of weights (and measures).
~ thomhaiste, measured step, tread.
~ tomhais, guess.
Caith do chrann tomhais, have a guess.
A chrann tomhais a bhaint de dhuine, to forestall s.o. in his guess, in his opinion.
Tomhas a chur, to give out a conundrum.
Riail, slat tomhais, a chur ar rud, to run a rule, a measuring-rod, over sth.
Suim, tomhas, a dhéanamh, to do, solve, a sum, a conundrum.
Thomhais sé go ~ an lá é, he guessed it to the very day.
Rud a fháil déanta, tomhaiste, glanta, to have sth. made, measured, cleaned.
Airgead, tomhas, ~, counterfeit money, measure.
Thomhais sé ~ na rátha, he measured a site for the fort.
~ tomhais, gallon measure.
Tomhas ~ gortach, mean miserable measure.
Tomhas ~, rough measurement.
Is ~ a thomhais sí an bia linn, she rationed the food severely among us.
Tomhas ~, short measure.
Tomhas lamháltais, limit gauge.
Tomhas ~a, liquid measure.
Meáchan, tomhas, ~, false weight, measure.
Faoi mhám tomhais, in full measure.
Meáchain agus tomhais, weights and measures.
Duine a mheas de réir a thomhais féin, to take s.o. at his own valuation.
Tomhas ~, statute measure.
~ tomhais, tape measure.
~ tomhais, trundle wheel.
2. ~ thomhais, opisometer.
2. ~ (tomhais), scale(-pan);
~ tomhais, measuring-rod; yardstick, criterion.
~ beacht, gann, exact, short, measure.
Thug sé an ~ go maith dom, he gave me full measure.
Ná déan peaca an tomhais, don’t give false measure.
~ biotáille, a measure of spirits.
Tá ~ pionta ann, it measures a pint.
~ ciúbach, líneach, cubic, linear, measure.
~ láimhe, hand measurement.
Tabhair ~ a láimhe féin dó, pay him back in kind.
~ sleamhnáin, slide gauge.
~ sorcóireach, cylindrical gauge.
~ tiúis, thickness-gauge.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to ask s.o. a riddle.
Bhí sé ag cur (amach) ~ orainn i rith na hoíche, he was giving us riddles to solve all night.
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