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baint could be a grammatical form of: bain » · aint »
baint, f. (gs. ~e).1. vn. of bain1. 2. Connection, relationship; relevance. Níl ~ aige sin leis, that has nothing to do with it. Níl ~ ná páirt agam leo, I have no connection whatever with them. 3. Thar a bhaint san uisce, out of his depth in the water. S.a. inneall 5.
~ nach bhfuil baint agat leis, say you have nothing to do with it.
Is doiligh ~ a bhaint as a chuid cainte, it is hard to make sense out of what he says.
Na hadharca a bhaint de ghamhain, to dehorn a calf.
~ a bhaint as caint, a dhéanamh de chaint, to make sense out of what is said; to draw a conclusion from what is said.
Is deacair ~ a bhaint as, it is hard to make him talk.
~ a bhaint as rud, to take a large piece, bite, out of sth.
Rud a bhaint as ~, to disentangle, unravel, sth.
Níl aon ~ iontu, le baint astu, they are of no use.
~ a bhaint as rud, to toss sth.
~ a bhaint as rud, to utilize, avail oneself of, sth.
Tá an coirce in ~ a bhainte, the oats are ready for reaping.
Ag iarraidh ~ na súl a bhaint díom, trying to hoodwink me.
An t-~ a bhaint, a ligean, a thógáil, to weigh anchor.
In ~ a bhainte, fit for reaping.
4. ~ a bhaint as rud, to make sth. serve one’s purpose.
Clocha, gairbhéal, a bhaint, to quarry stones, gravel.
Gual a bhaint, to mine coal.
Móin, fód, a bhaint, to cut turf, a sod.
Prátaí, biatas, a bhaint, to dig potatoes, pull beet.
Fréamhacha a bhaint, to take out roots.
Clais, uaigh, a bhaint, to dig a trench, a grave.
Arbhar, féar, a bhaint, to cut corn, hay.
Craobh, slat, a bhaint, to cut a branch, a rod.
Feamainn, muiríneach, a bhaint, to cut seaweed, marram-grass.
Torthaí, sméara, a bhaint, to pick fruit, berries.
Bláthanna a bhaint, to pick, cut, flowers.
Carraigín, bairnigh, a bhaint, to pick carrageen, limpets.
Ag ~t agus ag cur, reaping and sowing.
Glas, bolta, laiste, a bhaint, to open a lock, draw a bolt, raise a latch.
Fuil a bhaint, to let blood.
Fearthainn a bhaint, to bring down rain.
Clog, boschrann, a bhaint, to strike a bell, a knocker.
Duine a bhaint, to draw s.o. out; to anger s.o.
Is doiligh é a bhaint, it is hard to get him to talk, to annoy him.
Tá an fharraige ~te, the sea is ruffled.
Tá an bád ~te, the boat is afloat.
Airgead, duais, a bhaint, to win money, a prize.
Cluiche, cogadh, a bhaint, to win a game, a war.
Onóir a bhaint, to gain an honour.
Tá an cíos ~te, the rent is due for payment.
Fiacail a bhaint amach, to extract a tooth.
Greim a bhaint amach, to take out a stitch.
Smál a bhaint amach, to remove a stain.
Cíos, cáin, luach mór, a bhaint amach, to exact a rent, a tax, a high price.
Fiacha a bhaint amach, to exact payment of debts.
Gáire, caint, a bhaint amach, to raise a laugh, a discussion.
Beatha a bhaint amach, to make a living.
Clú, ceart, a bhaint amach, to gain a reputation, a right.
An chéad áit a bhaint (amach), to gain first place.
Daingean a bhaint amach, to gain, capture, a fortress.
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