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nirt could be a grammatical form of: neart »
nirt :neart.
Le ~ nirt, by sheer strength.
(De) cheal nirt, for want of strength.
~ ghualainne, nirt, heavy casting-stone.
Is é mo chloch nirt é, it is as much as I can do.
~ nirt, an choirp, an duine, subjection of strength, of the body, of the person.
~ maoine, nirt, conservation of wealth, of strength.
Le ~ nirt, by main force.
Tá sé i n~ a nirt, a acmhainne, he has reached the end of his strength, of his resources.
~ nirt a dhéanamh, to perform a feat of strength.
Le h~ mo nirt, with the remainder of my strength; with what little strength I have left.
~ nirt, forcible migration.
Le h~ a nirt, with all his strength.
As ~ a nirt, by reason of his strength.
~ méide, nirt, estimate of size, of strength.
Chuaigh siad i ~ a nirt, a n-arm, they resorted to force, to arms.
Gníomh nirt, feat of strength.
Tíolacadh an nirt, the gift of fortitude.
Ní raibh ~ lena chuid nirt, there was no limit to his strength.
Le ~ nirt, by sheer strength.
Le ~ a nirt, by dint of his strength.
~ cothaithe, codlata, nirt, want of feeding, of sleep, of strength.
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