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neart, m. (gs. nirt). 1. Strength; force, power. (a)~ coirp, bodily strength. ~ tola, will-power. ~ Dé, God’s power. ~ an namhad, the enemy strength. ~ na gaoithe, na stoirme, the force of the wind, of the storm. Dul i ~, to grow strong, to become powerful. Tá sé ina ~, he is in his health and strength, in his prime, at the height of his power. Géilleadh don ~, to yield to force. Gníomh nirt, feat of strength. Féach do ~ leis, try your strength at it. Lig sé amach a ~ air, he put all his strength into it. An ~ a chuir sé leis an dorn, the force with which he delivered the punch. Ná cuir thú féin thar do ~ leis, don’t overstrain yourself with it. Rinne sé as a ~ féin é, he did it by his own effort. (Of liquor) Ól as a ~ é, drink it neat. ~ gan cheart, might without right; (in adv. phrases) willy-nilly. ~ gan cheart b’éigean dó teacht, he had to come whether he liked it or not. Prov:Ní ~ go cur le chéile, unity is strength. S.a. cloch11(d), laige 1(b).(b) Fortitude. Tíolacadh an nirt, the gift of fortitude. (c)De ~ reatha, by dint of running. Le ~ sainte, through sheer avarice. Le ~ slua, by force of numbers. Ó ~ urnaí, by the power of prayer. 2. Plenty. ~ bainne, leabhar, daoine, plenty of milk, of books, of people. Tá ~ ama agat, you have plenty of time. Bhí ~ cuimhne agam air, I remembered it well. Bíonn ~ le rá acu, they have plenty to say. Beidh ~ cuidithe le fáil, there will be plenty of help available. An bhfuil do sháith agat? Tá, ~. Have you enough? Yes, plenty. 3. Power to prevent, to remedy. Níl ~ air, it can’t be helped. Ach nach raibh ~ air, except that it was unavoidable. Dá mbeadh ~ agamsa air, if I could do anything about it. Cad é an ~ atá air anois? What can be done about it now? Ní raibh ~ agam orm féin, I couldn’t help, control, myself. Prov:Níl ~ ar an mbás (ach pósadh arís), there is no cure for death (but to marry again). 4. Ability. Níl ~ agam dul, ar dhul, leat, I am unable to go with you. Ní raibh ~ dó teacht, he couldn’t come.
Rinne sé as a neart, as a stuaim, féin é, he did it by his own strength, ingenuity.
Le ~ nirt, by sheer strength.
(De) cheal nirt, for want of strength.
Tá neart is ~ ann, he is strong and vigorous.
Chlaochlaigh mo lúth, mo neart, my vigour, my strength, declined.
~ ar neart, ar aoibhneas, ar chuideachta, decline in strength, in happiness, in companionship.
Chlaon a neart, his strength declined.
~ ghualainne, nirt, heavy casting-stone.
Is é mo chloch nirt é, it is as much as I can do.
~ nirt, an choirp, an duine, subjection of strength, of the body, of the person.
Do neart a chloí, to exhaust one’s strength.
Do neart a choigilt, to conserve one’s strength.
~ maoine, nirt, conservation of wealth, of strength.
Do neart a chonlú, to gather one’s strength.
Neart coirp, bodily strength.
Le ~ nirt, by main force.
Do neart a chruinniú, to gather one’s strength.
Chuir sé neart agus misneach ionainn, it gave us strength and courage.
Tá sé i n~ a nirt, a acmhainne, he has reached the end of his strength, of his resources.
Neart a dhíscaoileadh, to dissipate strength.
Ar n~ níl neart air, sure it can’t be helped.
Dhoirt sé a neart, he poured out, exhausted, his strength.
Gan neart gan ~, without strength or vigour.
~ atá a neart, according to his strength.
~ os neart, superhuman effort.
Tá ~ mórsheisir ann de neart, he has the strength of seven men.
Neart a ghabháil, to gain in strength, increase in power.
~ neart agam air, although I can’t help it.
Tá neart ~ aici, she talks a lot.
~ nirt a dhéanamh, to perform a feat of strength.
Dul i bhfeabhas, i méid, i neart, in aois, to get better, bigger, stronger, older.
Le h~ mo nirt, with the remainder of my strength; with what little strength I have left.
~ nirt, forcible migration.
Neart agus ~ shaolta, power and worldly wealth.
Le h~ a nirt, with all his strength.
2. ~ mo neart, my strength declined.
Chothaigh sé iad ó ~ go neart, he provided for them from childhood to maturity.
Bhí siad mar sin ó ~ go neart, they were like that both as children and adults, all their lives.
Is móide bhur neart bhur ~, your strength lies in your numbers.
As ~ a nirt, by reason of his strength.
Ó chaill mé mo ~ is mo neart, since I lost my vigour and strength.
~ méide, nirt, estimate of size, of strength.
Chuaigh siad i ~ a nirt, a n-arm, they resorted to force, to arms.
~ nach bhfuil neart air, since it can’t be helped.
Do neart a oibriú ar rud, to use one’s strength on sth.
Ó ~ go neart, from youth to maturity, to the prime of life.
~ mo neart, above my strength.
Do neart a ~, to use up one’s strength.
Ní raibh ~ lena chuid nirt, there was no limit to his strength.
Ní raibh neart mná seoil ionam, I was as weak as could be.
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