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Chuaigh siad a dtriúr ann, they went there, all three of them.
Ar ~, on account of.
3. ~ tirim, dried top material of bog.
Ná déan ~ ar sheanóir, don’t make fun of an old man.
Chuir sé ~ orm é, he persuaded me of it.
(Of shoes) Thug na cosa ~ iad, the feet moulded them.
Tháinig sé ~ uaidh féin, he conformed of his own accord.
Cuir leis an ~ é, get rid of it.
Talamh, airgead, go h~, plenty of land, of money.
~ dea-dhuine, the makings of a good man.
~ file, scoláire, the makings of a poet, of a scholar.
~ gáire, bróin, gearáin, cause of, for, laughter, sorrow, complaint.
Tá ~ maíte acu as, they have reason to boast of him.
I bhfad ón ~, wide of the mark, irrelevant.
~ trua, déirce, an object of pity, of charity.
Bhí ~ ban ina measc, there were a number of women among them.
Rinneamar ~ maith ar an iasc, we caught a fair amount of fish.
~ a broinne, the product of her womb.
Is doiligh ~ a bhaint as a chuid cainte, it is hard to make sense out of what he says.
Taobh ~ den loch, on this side of the lake.
~ grásta Dé, but for the grace of God.
Cúig ~ Uisnigh, the five fields of Uisneach, the five fifths of Ireland.
~ tí, base of house.
~ an Dá Lá Dhéag, (i) the Twelve Days of Christmas, (ii) Epiphany.
~ chainte, brevity of speech.
~ teidil, abstract of title.
~ (Parlaiminte), act (of Parlia
I ndeireadh a ~e, at the end of his resources.
2. ~ feamainne, heap of seaweed (at high-water mark).
A rugadh in ~, who was born of adultery.
~ seilide, horn of snail.
~ diallaite, ancaire, inneonach, peak of saddle, anchor, anvil.
~ caipín, peak of cap.
Lig fad an adhastair leis, give him plenty of rope.
~ éaga, abode of death.
~ a bhaint as caint, a dhéanamh de chaint, to make sense out of what is said; to draw a conclusion from what is said.
~ a dhéanamh de dhuine, to make a fuss of s.o.
~ creidimh, profession of faith.
Tá dúil na n-~ aige ann, he is passionately fond of it.
Athrach, malairt, aeir, change of air.
Tá ~ beag gaoithe ann, there is a little breath of wind.
Lig ~ na tine chugainn, let us get the heat of the fire (unobstructed).
Measarthacht aeir, mildness of climate.
~ an tsaoil, the pleasures of the world.
~ an bhaile mhóir, the gaiety of the city.
Amharc aeir agus iontais, a scene of wonder and surprise.
Tá trácht ag Céitinn air, it is mentioned in (the writings of) Keating.
Léitear ag Eoin, it is to be read in (the gospel of) St. John.
An mac sin aige, that son of his.
Tá duine éigin ag an madra, the dog has detected the presence of s.o.
Creidim ionat
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