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sean1, m. (gs. & gpl. ~, npl. ~a).1. Senior, ancestor. Urraim don ~, respect for the aged. Tír ár ~, the land of our forebears. Mo sheana agus mo shinsir, all who came before me. 2. Oldness; old thing. S.a. nua1.
sean2, a1. (comp. sine).Old, aged; mature. (Used predicatively) Bheith ~, to be old in years. Bheith níos sine ná duine, to be older than s.o. An mac is sine aige, his eldest son. Tá sé ~ go leor le ciall a bheith aige, he is old enough to have sense.
sean-3, pref. 1. Old, aged; senior; mature; long-established, old-fashioned; (of calendar) old style. 2. (Intensifying) Great, exceeding; over-
-sean4, emphatic suff. 1. (Used after poss. adjective a msg. & pl. with nouns or adjectives ending in slender consonant or slender vowel) Tá a chuidsean den obair déanta agus a gcuidsean le déanamh, his share of the work is done and theirs remains to be done. Ach go háirithe lucht a thíresean, but especially the people of his country. Ní hionann agus a dtailte méithesean, not like their fat lands. 2. (With 3 pl. synthetic verb forms ending in slender consonant) D’éistfinn lena n-athair ach cuiridsean fearg orm, I would heed their father but they annoy me. Ceannaídís-sean é más mian leo, let them buy it if they wish. 3. (With 3 msg. or 3 pl. prep. prons. ending in slender consonant or slender vowel) Is leis-sean é agus ní linne, it is his and not ours. Uaidhsean a fuair mé é, it was from him I got it. Dóibhsean is measa é, it will be the worse for them.
Sin a bhfuil ann, that is all that is there.
Sin le rá, that is to say; in other words.
Sin é a deir na húdair, that is what the authorities state.
~ é! ~ sin! Dúirt tú é! D’fhéadfá a rá! You’ve said it! You’re perfectly right!
A rá is de go ndéanfadh sé sin, to think he would do that.
Sin é a deirim, that’s what I mean.
Ní deir sin nach fear maith é, that does not mean that he is not a good man.
~ an dán sin dúinn, recite that poem for us.
Níl dada le rá leis ach an méid sin, there is nothing to be said to him, concerning him, but that.
Tá ~ maith san éadach sin, there is good stuff in that cloth.
Ar an ~ sin, for that reason.
Rud ar bith ~ sin, anything but that.
Bhí sé sásta ~ an leithscéal sin a ghabháil leis, he was satisfied when that excuse was offered to him.
~ is mar sin a tharla, but that is how it happened.
Cad é ~ na páirce sin? How far does that park extend?
Ag seo, sin, here is, there is.
Ag sin an scéal duit, there, that, is the story for you.
Sin agat é, there it is for you.
Níl aon mhaith le duine ar bith aige sin, he thinks nobody is any good.
D’fhan an méid sin agam, that amount remained in my possession.
An mac sin aige, that son of his.
Bhí an nós sin acu, they had that custom.
Sin é a bhí agat a dhéanamh, that is what you should have done.
Ná h~ an focal sin orm, don’t hold that statement against me.
Cuir uait na hagallaimh sin ort, give over your waggishness.
Tá ~ na mbóithre ar an áit sin, the roads lead to that place.
~ an fíor sin? Do you tell me that’s true?
Ba cheart dúinn a bheith amuigh ~ an lá chomh breá sin, we should be out of doors, seeing that the day is so fine.
Ní fhéadfainn, ~ mo dhícheall a dhéanamh, an chloch sin a thógáil, I could not lift that stone, even if I did my best.
Na háibhirseoirí óga sin, those young devils, rascals.
Ina ~ sin, along with that, besides.
Focal is aicearraí ná sin, a more succinct expression than that.
Go h~ ina dhiaidh sin, shortly afterwards.
Tá ~ orm, tá mé in ~, faoi sin, I am sorry about that.
Cad ab ~ leat á dhéanamh sin? What are you doing that for?
I rith, ar feadh, na haimsire sin, during all that time.
Is ionadh liom sin a bheith ina ~ ort, it is strange that you should be puzzled by that.
Tá an t-~ sin aige, air, he has that reputation.
Sin é a ~ riamh, that has always been his reputation.
Dá ~ sin, ~ sin (is uile), notwithstanding (all) that.
San ~ sin, in that direction.
Ó bhí an ~ sin ionam, since I was that high.
Gonadh ~ sin, and that is why.
Tá ~ cinn san fhear sin, that man is clever.
Sin é atá áirithe dó, so it is reckoned.
Ba é sin eagla na h~ dó, that was a very real fear with him.
~ aimsire ina dhiaidh sin, a certain time after that.
Tá an mhias sin in ~ a briste, that dish is sure to get broken.
Tá an t-airgead sin in ~ don chíos, that money has been set aside to pay the rent.
An fear sin go h~, that man in particular.
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