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fan1, v.t. & i. (vn. ~acht). 1. Stay, wait, remain. (a)~acht in áit, to stay in a place. ~acht i do shuí, i do sheasamh, to remain sitting, standing. ~ istigh, amuigh, anseo, sa bhaile, stay in, out, here, at home. ~ againn tamall, stay with us a while. D’fhan sí ag an leanbh, she remained with the child. D’fhan sé i mbun a ghnó, he carried on with his business. ~ (go) socair, keep quiet. ~ i do thost, stay silent. ~ siar, stay back. ~ fút, stay put. ~ go raibh mé réidh, wait till I am ready. Ní thig liom ~acht níos faide, I can’t wait any longer. (b)~acht dílis do rud, to remain faithful to sth. Má fhanann an tsláinte agam, if my health remains to me. Go bhfana Dia mé lena dhéanamh, may God spare me to do it. D’fhan sé gan déanamh, it remained undone. Níor fhan maith ar bith iontu, they ceased to be any good. Níor fhan splanc chéille agat, you have lost any spark of sense you had. Níl aon rud ~ta, there is nothing left. (c) (Of pause) ~ nóiméad, wait a minute. ~ go bhfeice mé, wait till I see. ~! ~ ort! Wait! ~ (ort) go fóill, hold on a bit. (d) (With ar) Abide by. ~acht ar d’fhocal, to abide by one’s word. ~acht ar aon scéal amháin, to stick to one story. Níor fhan sé air, he didn’t stop at that. Chosain sé céad punt má d’fhan sé air, it cost a hundred pounds if not more. (e) (With as) Stay out of. ~acht as amharc, to stay out of sight. ~acht as láthair, to remain absent. ~acht (amach) as trioblóid, to stay out of trouble. ~ amach as na poill sin, stay out of those holes. (f) (With le) Await, abide. ~acht le rud, to wait for sth. Ag ~acht leis an earrach, waiting for spring. Tá siad ag ~acht le cabhair, they are waiting for help. Bhíomar ag ~acht le faill orthu, we were waiting to get a chance at them. (g) (With ó) Refrain from, stay away from. ~acht ón scoil, to absent oneself from school. ~acht (amach)ón ól, to keep away from drink. ~(amach) uaidh, stay away from him. ~ann sé amach ó na comharsana, he avoids the neighbours.
fan2 = feadh an :feadh12 (b).
Dúirt mé liom féin gurbh fhearr dom fanacht sa bhaile, I said in my own mind, I considered, that it would be better for me to stay at home.
~ leis fanacht liom, tell him to wait for me.
D’fhan an méid sin agam, that amount remained in my possession.
D’~ mé é fanacht sa bhaile, I pleaded with him, begged him, to stay at home.
Fan i m’~, stay near me, help me. (Of time)
Fan le d’~, wait your turn.
Fan ~ ón tine, stay away from the fire.
Níl ~ ach fanacht leis, there is nothing for it but to wait for him.
Fan, tar, ~, stay, come, here.
Níl bac ort fanacht anseo, there is nothing to prevent you from staying here.
Fan san ~ air, keep the advantage over him.
Fan ina bhail, stay with him.
Fan go mbeire sé ar a ghreamanna, wait until he gets his grips, until he gets going properly.
D’fhan sé i m~ a mháthar, he stayed to take care of his mother.
Fan i m~ na fírinne, abide by the truth.
Cárbh fhearr duit fanacht anseo? Would it have been any better for you to stay here?
(Tá) a chead aige fanacht nó imeacht, he may stay or go as he pleases.
Fan go ~, wait till Wednesday.
Tá sé ~ maith agat fanacht, you may as well stay.
Fanacht in aice na cloiche, to stay close to shore.
Fan de mo chóir, stay near me.
D’fhan sé ar chomhairle a athar, he let his father direct him.
Is é ) mo chomhairle duit fanacht uathu, I advise you to stay away from them.
Fan ar do chois nóiméad, stand, wait, a minute.
Fan sna ~a acu, stay with them, follow them closely.
Níl aon chruinneas ag fanacht ann, he has no clear recollection of things; he is losing his memory.
Fanacht ar an g~, to stay in the background; to lie low.
Is ~ leis fanacht, he is reluctant to stay.
Tá ~ tite agam (leis an ocras, ag fanacht leat), I am wearied out (with hunger, waiting for you).
Le linn dúinn a bheith ag fanacht leo, while we are, while we were, waiting for them.
B’fhearr duit go mór ~ fanacht sa bhaile, it would be far better for you to stay at home.
Nach bhféadfá fanacht? Could you not stay?
Fan go bhfeicfidh mé, let me see, consider.
Tá ~ air fanacht uaim, he had better stay away from me.
Ní ~ dóibh fanacht anseo, they can’t stay here.
Fanacht i mbun na ~, to confine oneself to the truth.
Is ~ fanacht leo, they are worth waiting for.
Thug sé ~ dom fanacht uaidh, he warned me to stay away from him.
Fan go ~, wait a while; just you wait.
Fan againn go ~ beag, stay with us for a little while yet.
Má fhóireann sé duit fanacht againn, if it suits you to stay with us.
Bheith, dul, fanacht, i bh~, to be in, go into, stay in, hiding.
Fanacht i bh~, to stay put.
B’fhearr duit ~ fanacht leo, you had better not wait for them.
Fan ~ air, stay clear of it.
D’fhan sé ~ díobh, orthu, he kept away from them.
Fan go dtiocfaidh sé, wait until he comes.
Fan go ~ seachtaine, wait for a week.
Tá siad ar ~ ag fanacht leis, they are all impatience waiting for it.
Chuir sé d’~ orm fanacht aige, he made me stay with him.
Coirce a cháitheadh, to fan oats.
2. ~ (cáite), winnowing fan.
~ teascógach, fan-tracery.
~ feanúil, fan structure.
~ súite, suction fan.
~tear an fean le beilt, the fan is driven by a belt.
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