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Focail chosúla: dua · duala · ducal · dufal · dul
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dual1, m. (gs. & npl. -ail, gpl. ~).1. Lock, tress. ~ gruaige, lock of hair. 2. Wisp, tuft. ~ lín, olla, tuft of flax, of wool. Is é an ~ is faide siar ar a choigeal é, it is the least of his cares. ~ droinne, wool-tuft as mark on back of sheep. ~ na droinne a bhualadh ar dhuine, to give s.o. a trouncing. Fuair sé ~ na droinne de, he got more than he bargained for. 3. Ply, strand. ~ snáithe, téide, strand of thread, of rope. 4. Twist, twine. ~ de chorda a chur ar rud, to twine a cord round sth. 5. Spiral, whirl. ~ deataigh, smoke spiral.
dual2, m. (gs. & npl. -ail, gpl. ~).1. Dowel. 2. Knot (in timber).
dual3, s. used adjectivally with copula. 1. Native, natural (do, to). An rud is ~ do dhuine a dhéanamh, what is natural for one to do, what one may be expected to do. An toradh is ~ don chrann, the natural product of the tree. Is ~ di a bheith cineálta, it is in her nature to be kind. Ní ~ dó an bhréag a dhéanamh, it is not like him to tell lies. Is ~ athar dó é, he took after his father in that respect; like father like son. Ba dhual dó sin ón dá thaobh, he took that from both sides of his family. Mar is ~ dá leithéidí, as is typical of their kind. S.a. 12. 2. Proper, fitting. An áit, an oidhreacht, is ~ dó, his rightful place, inheritance. Is dó is ~ é, it is his due. 3. In the natural order of things; fated; possible. Is ~ dúinn uile an bás, death must come to all of us. Dá mba dhual do na mairbh a bheith beo, if it were possible for the dead to live. Dúirt sé gur dhual don mhac a bheith in aghaidh an athar, he said that it was fated for son to oppose father. Is ~ sin féin, even that may come to pass. Dá mba dhual é, if it were in the natural order of things, if it were to be.
dual4, v.t. Twine; braid, coil; interlace, fold.
Gheobhaidh tú an ~ is dual, you will get due respite.
A duail chiardhubha, her raven locks.
An té ~ dual an mí-ádh, he who is unfortunate by nature.
Is é is ~ agus is dual, is ~ agus is dúchas, dó, it is in his very nature.
A duail ar dhath an fhiaigh, her raven locks.
Uimhir dhéidhe, dual number.
An ~ dhéach, the dual number.
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