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cnoc, m. (gs. & npl. -oic, gpl. ~).1. (a) Hill. ~ is gleann a chuartú, to search hill and vale, everywhere. Chuirfeadh sé an ~ thall ar an g~ abhus, (ironic) he would move mountains, work wonders. Dá gcuirfinn an ~ beag i mullach an chnoic mhóir, no matter what I’d do (it would not serve). Ag baint na g~, attempting the impossible. Treabhaimis an ~ seo romhainn, let us attend to the matter in hand. Thug sé an ~ air féin, he took to the hills, ran away. Ná cuir chun cnoic é, don’t drive him to distraction. Choimeád sé an ~ orthu, he eluded them. ~ ort! Bad luck to you! Prov:Is glas na cnoic i bhfad uainn, ‘distant hills look green,’ distant prospects can be deceptively alluring. S.a. bunadh 3, cas28 (a), tae 2. (b) (In phrases) Amuigh ar an g~ , out in the open. Amach ar an g~ libh, get out into the open, out of doors. 2. (a)~oighir, iceberg. (b)~ailse, malignant tumour. ~ brád, swollen gland. (c)~farraige, huge wave.
Thug sé ~ ar na cnoic, he set out for the hills.
Chuaigh sé an cnoc ~, he went off over the hill.
Ar cnoc nó ar machaire, on hill or plain.
Ar an gCnoc, ar na Cealla Beaga, at Knock, in Killybegs.
Cnoc, talamh, ~, high hill, ground.
Staighre, cnoc, a ardú, to ascend a stairs, a hill.
Macalla a bhaint as na cnoic, to get an echo from the hills.
~ cnoic, sléibhe, top of hill, of mountain.
Tabhair lán a bhonn den bhóthar, den chnoc, dó, let him take the road, to the hills; send him packing.
An cnoc a bhriseadh, to break the gradient of the hill.
~ cnoic, base of hill.
~ na gcnoc, (i) hill-folk, (ii) fairies.
~ ceo (ar chnoc), cap of fog (on hill).
~tar na daoine ar a chéile (ach ní chastar na cnoic ná na sléibhte), it is a small world (if one moves around).
~ cnoic, crest of hill.
~ cnoic, toinne, crest of hill, of wave.
~ cnoic, claí, bóthair, side of hill, of fence, of road.
Cois cnoic, balla, carraige, at the foot of a hill, of a wall, of a rock.
I g~ na talún, na gcnoc, in the bosom of the earth, of the hills.
~ na gcnoc, across the hills.
~ cnoic, hogback.
~ na gcnoc, na mbánta, na sléibhte, na gcoillte, d’éanlaith, vast flocks of birds.
~ cnoic, carraige, front, face, of hill, of rock.
Bhí an ceo ag éirí de na cnoic, the mist was lifting from the hills. (Of surfacing)
~ cnoic, brow of hill.
~ na gcnoc, the outline of the hills.
~ cnoc a chur ar dhuine, to leave s.o. far behind (in race, work).
Ní fhaca mé na cnoic chomh ~ sin le fada, I haven’t seen the hills so clearly defined this long time.
~ cnoic, dúin, top of hill, of fort.
Dul le ~ (na gcnoc), to go (stark) mad.
Tá an cnoc ag géarú orainn, the hill is getting stiffer against us.
Is ~ na cnoic i bhfad uainn, far-off hills are green.
Cnoc is ~, hill and glen.
2. ~ cnoic, sléibhe, shoulder of hill, of mountain.
Is ~ na cnoic is airde sa tír ~, they are the highest hills in the country.
Insí cnoc, grassy places (along streams, etc.) in hills.
Tá féar go hinsí cnoc aige, he has all kinds of grazing, grass in plenty.
~ balla, cruaiche, cnoic, bottom of wall, of stack, of hill.
Is airde cnoc ná cnocán, a hill is higher than a hillock.
An cnoc is airde (is é is fuaire), the highest hill (is the coldest).
~ sléibhe, cnoic, (stretch of) mountainside, hillside.
3. ~ cnoic, side, slope, of hill.
~ an ceo ar na cnoic, the mist lay on the hills.
~ a bhaint as na cnoic, to make the hills re-echo.
Isteach go ~ sna cnoic, well into the hills.
Ag maolú na gcnoc, denuding the hills.
I ~ na bhfear, na leabhar, na gcnoc, among the men, the books, the hills.
~ cnoic, louping ill.
Leaca mhín cnoic, smooth slope of hill.
Balla, crann, cnoc, ~, big wall, tree, hill.
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