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coise could be a grammatical form of: cos »
coise :cos.
Scian coise adhairce, horn-handled knife.
~ na coise, an mhurnáin, ankle-joint.
Ó bhaithis (an chinn) go bonn (na coise), from head to foot, all over.
~ coise, footway, track.
~ coise, sole of foot.
5. ~ na coise, instep.
~ na coise, small of the foot, ankle.
~ coise, foot (from ankle).
1. ~ (coise), calf (of leg).
~ coise a chur ar, a thabhairt do, dhuine, to trip s.o.
Ní raibh ~ coise ná láimhe ionam, I couldn’t move hand or foot.
Tá cead na coise leis, he can go where he pleases.
Le haghaidh na coise tinne, for the rainy day.
~ ghé, lus coise gé, goosefoot.
~ banda, bróige, coise, fleisce, láimhe, taca, band-, shoe-, foot-, rim-, hand-, servo-, brake.
~ coise, instep.
~ na coise circe, three-tressed plaiting.
~ coise, lighted sod carried to field.
~ méire, coise, finger-, foot-, print.
~ coise, spancel.
~ (coise), corn (on foot).
~ coise, foothold.
coise, leg-irons.
~ coise sa ghaineamh, footprint in the sand.
~ laidhre, coise, toe-nail.
~ coise, foothold.
Duine a ~an (le buille, le cor coise), to knock s.o. down (with a blow, with a foot-trip).
~ coise, crúibe, foot-, hoof-, print.
2. ~ (coise), little toe.
~ coise gé, goosefoot.
~ coise, stretcher.
~ (coise), calf (of leg).
3. ~ (coise), toe.
4. ~ coise, tread-mill.
~ (coise), big toe.
2. ~ (coise), big toe.
2. ~ coise, sturdy foot.
~ coise deirge, ~ cosdearg, chough.
~ na coise, the thick of the leg.
~ coise, bóthair, foot-, road-, race.
~ coise, footprint.
~ coise, foot-soldier.
~ (coise), heel.
~ coise duibhe, black-handled knife (with magic properties).
Bhain ~ coise dom, my foot slipped.
~ (coise), long thin leg.
1. ~ coise, footstool.
~ coise, uillinne, foot-, elbow-, rest.
~ (coise), sole (of foot).
~ coise, upper part of instep.
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