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costas, m. (gs. & npl. -ais, gpl. ~). Cost, expense. ~ ruda a íoc, to defray the cost of sth. ~ a dhéanamh le rud, to incur expense over sth. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to put s.o. to expense. Tá ~ ann, leis, it is expensive. ~ beatha, maireachtála, cost of living. ~, costais, tí, taistil, dlí, household, travelling, legal, expenses. Cuid is ~, food and expenses. Ar an gcéad chostas, at prime cost. Ar bheagán, ar mhórán, costais, at little, great, cost. Ar mo chostas féin, at my own expense.
Ag áireamh maoine, costais, calculating means, cost.
Beidh costas na scéime orainn, we will have to bear the cost of the scheme.
Tá costas ag ~t leis, there is expense attached to it.
~ cainníochta, costais, díolacháin, luchtaithe, malairte, bill of quantities, of costs, of sale, of loading, of exchange.
Costas ~e, additional cost.
An costas beatha, cuir i g~, take the cost of living, for instance.
An costas a chomhaireamh, to count the cost.
Chuir siad costas mór orm, they put me to great expense.
Costas, cineáltas, a chúiteamh, to repay cost, kindness.
~ cíosa, costais, payment of rent, of cost.
Costas ~, negative expenses.
Costas ~, light expense.
Tá costas ag ~áil leis, it involves expense.
Costas a ghearradh (anuas), to cut down costs.
Bille, costais, a ~, to pay a bill, costs.
Costas iompair, cost of conveyance.
1. ~ an chostais, the smallness of the cost.
Costas, tuarastal, teocht, a laghdú, to reduce costs, wages, temperature.
Tá costas, saothar, trioblóid, leis, it entails cost, labour, trouble.
~ann costas mór é, it entails great expense.
Costas, fiacha, a ~ean ort féin, to let oneself incur expense, debts.
Costas lódála, shipping charges.
Ba ~ an costas an t-airgead a íoc anois, it would cost less to pay the money now.
Ar chuir tú an costas sin ort féin i m’~-sa? Did you put yourself to that expense on my account?
An costas a sheasamh, to bear the cost.
~ ar gach costas, free of all costs.
Tá na costais ~, costs have risen.
Costas taistil, travelling expenses.
Chuaigh an costas orm, I had to bear the cost.
An uair sin bhí an costas beatha ag ~im, at that time the cost of living was falling.
Cíos, costas, ~, heavy rent, expense.
~ i leith costais, security for costs.
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