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let = le do :le1.
Ná bíodh sé le rá leat gur loic tú, let it not be cast up to you that you defaulted.
Lig ~ na tine chugainn, let us get the heat of the fire (unobstructed).
Bíodh cluiche againn, let’s have a game.
Bíodh aige! Let him be!
Bíodh an diabhal aige! Let him go to the devil!
A n-~ féin ar a chéile, let them fight it out among themselves.
Ná lig as d’~ é, don’t let it out of your mind.
Lig sí a gruaig in ~, she let her hair get tousled.
Lig ~ é, (i) let him (go) out, (ii) release (your hold on) him.
Ná tar ar m’~, don’t let me see you; don’t come near me.
Rud a ligean ~, sa dul ~, to let sth. go to waste.
Lig sé na caoirigh ~, he let the sheep stray.
Tabhair m’~ dom, let me breathe; give me breathing-space.
Tabhair a h~ don bhád, let the boat off the wind.
Tabhair cead m’~a dom, let me say my prayers in peace.
Ná lig ~ ar do pháistí, don’t let your children go in want.
Ná bíodh ~ ná anall ann, let there be no two ways about it.
Bíodh an scéal ina ~ marbh, let the matter rest.
Ná lig as an tréad iad, don’t let them get away from the herd.
Ná lig as airgead é, don’t let him go short of money.
Ná ~ leo, (i) let them alone; don’t mind them, (ii) have nothing to do with them (for your own sake).
Fuil a bhaint, to let blood.
Ná lig thar a bheacht é, don’t let it exceed the correct amount; don’t let it out of its proper position.
Ná déanadh sin ~ duit, don’t let that worry you.
Ná lig thar bhéal an phota é, don’t let it overflow the pot.
Fág an ~ aige, get out of his way, let him pass.
Tabhair cead an bhealaigh dó, let him have his way, do as he pleases.
~ a ligean, to let a yell.
Lig mé chun an bhodaigh ach ná lig an ~ chugam, let me do as I please but save me from the consequences.
Bheith ~ le duine, to be indulgent, lenient, with s.o.; to let s.o. impose on one.
Bhog sé den roth, he let go the wheel.
Rud a ligean uait ar ~, to let sth. go easily, foolishly.
Ná lig as áit na m~ é, don’t let him move, get away.
Tabhair lán a bhonn den bhóthar, den chnoc, dó, let him take the road, to the hills; send him packing.
An té a bhfuil an t-arbhar aige ~adh sé bró, whoever has grain let him pick a quern.
Tabhair ~ a bhéil féin dó, give him what he asks for; let him decide his own terms.
Tabhair do bhreithiúnas air seo, let me have your verdict on this matter.
Ná lig an bhrí as; ná lig don bhrí imeacht as, don’t let its strength evaporate.
Tháinig an ~ ar fad air le gairid, he has let everything slide of late.
Ná cuireadh sin ~ ort, don’t let that trouble you.
Bíodh an t-orlach, an t-unsa, mar bhuntomhas againn, let us take the inch, the ounce, as the measure.
Ná lig isteach thar chab an dorais é, don’t let him in past the doorway.
Gan do dhá chab a bhualadh ar a chéile, without letting your two lips touch each other.
Ná cuireadh sin aon chaduaic ort, don’t let that trouble you.
Cuirimis faoi chaibidil é, let us debate it.
Ná ligigí an chaid leo, don’t let them away with the game.
Ná cuir do leas ar ~, don’t let opportunity slip from you.
~imis crainn (air), let us cast lots (for it).
~ chuige é, throw it to him; let him have it.
~imis uainn an amaidí, let us have done with the nonsense.
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