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Caite ag an aois, worn out with age.
Is ~ an aois atá aige, he is a great age.
Tá sí ~ chun comóraidh, she is of marriageable age.
Tig an ~ leis an aois, fretfulness comes with old age.
Faightear gach laoch in ~, age conquers all.
~ in aois, advanced in age.
Cá h~, cén ~, é? What age is he?
Tá sé mór dá ~, ina ~, he is big for his age.
Faoin, thar an, ~, under, over, age.
In ~ fir, mná, of (full) age.
In ~ céille, discréide, na tuisceana, at the age of reason, of discretion, of understanding.
Tá sé in ~ a phósta; tá ~ a phósta aige, he is of an age to get married.
San ~ a bhfuil sé ann, ina bhfuil sé, at his age, time of life.
Idir an dá ~, of uncertain age.
Tá ~ mhór aige, he is a great age.
Tá ~ an phinsin aige, he has reached pensionable age.
Tá a ~ anseo, (i) there is a record of his age here, (ii) there is s.o. of his own age here.
An ~, old age.
Tá an ~ ag luí air, he is burdened with age.
Urraim don ~, respect for old age, for seniority.
Thug sé ~ mhaith leis, he lived to a good old age.
Ó ~ go h~, from age to age.
Iníon in ~, unmarried daughter; girl of marriageable age.
Na daoine ~, the aged; the old people.
Bhain sé aois mhór amach, he lived to a great age.
Tá sé ag titim ar a bhata, he is becoming stooped with age, decrepit.
Tá sé ag éirí ~ leis an aois, his senses are being dulled with age.
Tá a chlann i m~ a bpósta, his children are approaching the age of marriage.
~ mhaith aoise, a good (middle ) age.
Cá haois é? What age is he?
Cárbh aois é? What age was he?
Tá sé ina chanach ag na leamhain, ag an aois, it is moth-eaten, crumbled with age.
Cén aois é? What age is he?
In aois (na) céille, at the age of reason.
An Chlochaois, the Stone Age.
~tha leis an aois, decrepit with age.
Daoine a scar críne le ~, people who freed their old age from wickedness.
Bheith ~, ar ~, le duine, to be of the same age as s.o.
Mhair siad i g~, they lived in the same age, as contemporaries.
~ iad, they are of one age.
Tá do chomhaois anseo, there is one of your own age here.
Ag cranrú leis an aois, stiffening with age.
~tha le haois, le fuacht, shrunk with age, with cold.
Craplaithe ag an aois, ag na scoilteacha, crippled with age, with rheumatism.
Ag titim dá chríne, withering with age.
An ~, the old, the aged.
Tá an t-adhmad ina chríonach, the timber is decayed, crumbling with age.
~ faoi ualach, le haois, bent under a load, with age.
Ag ~adh leis an aois, bending with age.
~ na haoise, the stoop of old age.
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