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imigh as, v.i. 1. Go out of. Imeacht as áit, to leave a place. Imeacht as amharc, to go out of sight. Imeacht as gléas, to go out of order. Imeacht as faisean, to go out of fashion. D’~ sé as airgead, he ran out of money. D’~ sé as mo cheann, it went out of my head. Ná h~ as do mheabhair, don’t take leave of your senses. Bhí sé ag imeacht as a chraiceann, he was jumping out of his skin. Tá tú ag imeacht as do chuid éadaigh, you are growing out of your clothes. 2. Go from, be lost to. D’~ an teas as, it lost heat. Tá an mhaith imithe as, the good is gone out of it. D’~ an anáil as, he expired. 3. Fade away, fail. Bheith ag imeacht as, to be fading away, failing, dying. Tá tú imithe as, you have faded to nothing. 4. Give, slacken. D’~ as an téad, the rope slackened. D’~ as an tuile, the flood subsided.
Ná lig an bhrí as; ná lig don bhrí imeacht as, don’t let its strength evaporate.
Bhí an bád ag imeacht as ~, the boat was going out of control.
D’imigh sé as mo cheann, it slipped my memory.
D’imigh sé as a chéile, it went to pieces.
D’imigh na ~a uaidh, as faoi, his feet went from under him.
D’imigh sé as mo chuimhne, it went out of my mind.
D’imigh an ~ as, he snuffed out.
~ duine as an mbaile, s.o.’s departure from home.
D’~ sé as an tír, he left the country.
D’~ sé as fúm, it went from under me.
~ leat (uaim, amach as seo), get away (from me, out of here).
D’imigh siad as ~, they are of no account any more.
D’imigh mo mhuintir féin as an áit, my own people have left the place.
Imigh as mo ~, get out of my sight.
D’imigh an t~ as, he ran out of puff; he breathed his last.
Ag imeacht as a chuid éadaigh le ~, puffing himself up with pride.
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