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imigh ar, v.i. 1. Go on, travel by means of. Imeacht ar rothaí, to go on wheels. 2. Proceed. ~ ort, go on, proceed. 3. Pass over. Ag imeacht ar bharr an uisce, travelling over the surface of the water. 4. Pass into state of. Imeacht ar seachrán, to go astray. D’~ sé ar an ól, he took to drink. 5. Be spent on. D’~ an t-airgead ar earraí, the money went on goods. 6. Be sold for. Tá na caoirigh ag imeacht ar bheagán, the sheep are going for very little. 7. Be lost to. D’~ an áit, a mhaoin shaolta, air, he lost his place, his worldly wealth. 8. Get away, escape, from; go away without. D’~ sé ar na gardaí, he escaped from the guards. Ná lig dóibh imeacht ort, don’t let them get away from you, go away without you. D’~ an bád air, he missed the boat. D’~ an focal orm, (i) the word escaped my lips, (ii) I failed to catch the word. Níl mórán le himeacht air, he doesn’t miss much. Ní imeodh a oiread air, even that much couldn’t escape his notice. Ní ag imeacht ort atá sé, you must face up to it. 9. Happen to. D’~ rud éigin air, something happened to him. Cad d’~ ar a chlann? What became of his children? D’~ an diabhal orthu, they are gone to the dickens. 10. Lit:(a) Tread on. Imeoidh tú ar nathracha, you will walk on serpents. (b) Copulate with.
D’imigh sé ~ fearg air, he went away in anger.
D’imigh sé lena ~ orthu, he escaped with his life from them.
D’imigh sé lena bheo orthu, he escaped with his life from them.
Cad é a dúirt sé? Tá, gur imigh sibh air, what did he say? This, that you went away without him.
Níl ~ ná slacht ar an teach ó d’imigh sí, the house has not been properly kept since she left.
Is ort atá an ~; d’imigh an diabhal ort le ~, what a contrary devil you are!
D’imigh siad ó chaidreamh orm, I lost touch with them.
D’imigh sé ar a chaolrian, he slipped away.
Cad chuige ar imigh tú? Why did you go away?
D’imigh ~ air, he had an unfortunate accident.
D’imigh an ~ air; thóg an ~ leis é, he is gone to the devil.
Tháinig, d’imigh, ~ orthu, they melted away.
D’imigh an ~ air, he is gone to the deuce.
D’imigh ~ air, he was brought to ruin, went to the bad.
D’imigh ~ air, misfortune befell him; he went to the bad.
D’imigh siad ar ~ air, they barely escaped from him.
D’imigh an capall ar ~, the horse broke loose, bolted.
Níor imigh ach ~ orthu, only an odd person escaped from them.
~ ar imigh siad, by the time they left.
D’imigh an ~ orm, the word escaped me.
D’imigh an ~ orm, I couldn’t help laughing.
D’imigh an ~ céanna air, the same thing happened to him.
Cad d’imigh uirthi? Í a thitim, what happened to her? She fell.
D’imigh sé ar an ~ sin, he went away there and then.
Ba bhocht an ~ a fuair siad, a d’imigh orthu, they were left in a poor plight, came to a sorry end.
D’~ siad ar eitleán, they went on a plane.
D’~ mo chuid leabhar ar fad, my books have all disappeared.
D’imigh an t-~ orthu, they have vanished off the face of the earth; they are gone to the deuce.
D’imigh sé orthu ar ~ ar ea, he escaped from them by the skin of his teeth.
Bhí sé crua orthu ~ gur imigh siad uaidh, he was hard on them with the result that they left him.
D’imigh sé ar a ~ lúith, he went bounding along.
D’imigh sé orm idir leac is ~, idir an luid is an ~, I lost it at the critical moment.
D’imigh sé ar ~ na gaoithe, he went like the wind.
D’imigh sé ar ~, he left in the morning, this morning.
D’imigh ~ orthu, they were dogged by ill fortune.
D’imigh sé ar mo ~, he went off against my will.
D’imigh ~ air, he met with an accident.
D’imigh sé ar an b~, he left on the dot; he went off immediately.
D’imigh ~ cúirte orm, I missed a court sitting.
D’imigh an ~ ort! You are the dickens!
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