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An té a itheann feoil, the person who eats meat.
An té a d’fhreagair mé, the person who answered me.
An té a n-ólaim a shláinte, the person whose health I drink.
Ní raibh a oiread ~ duine ann, there was not even one person there.
Duine ~, a quick-witted person.
Duine ~, lively, cheerful, person.
~ de dhuine, chunky person.
Ní obair d’~ í, it is not (suitable) work for an inexperienced person, for a greenhorn.
Duine, file, gan ~, a nameless, anonymous, person, poet.
2. ~ de dhuine, wild, violent, person; huge person.
Duine gan ~, heedless person; unheeded person.
Duine ~, a certain person.
Duine ~, a queer person.
~ do thriúr, room for three persons.
Duine, áit, ball, a ~t, to recognize a person, a place, an object.
Duine, rud, ~, one person, thing.
Is mé an t-aon duine ~ a chonaic é, I am the only person who saw him.
Duine ~, suspicious, distrustful, person.
Duine, éadach, ~, untidy person, clothes.
An iomad daoine, many persons.
Duine ~, (i) soft, undeveloped, person, (ii) childish, peevish, person.
Duine gan ~, unfeeling person; lifeless person.
Duine ~ a dhéanfadh é, only an exceptional person would do it.
Éan an ~, (i) storm petrel, (ii) person who is out in all kinds of weather.
Duine gan ~, unsmiling, humourless, person.
Is tú an t-~ duine (amháin) a labhair liom, you are the only person who spoke to me.
Fear ó ~, man far from friends; stray person.
Duine aonair, one, lone, person.
Tá sé ar an duine is deise acu, he is the nicest person among them.
Duine ar fhichid, twenty-one persons.
Duine, ainmhí, a thabhairt ar a ~onacha, to bring a person, an animal, under control.
Duine as céad, one person in a hundred.
Ní hé d’~ a rinne é, you are the very person who did it.
Rud a bhacadh ar dhuine, to hinder a person from doing sth.
Chaill mé mo chúl ~, I lost my support, the person in whom I had most trust.
Leasainm a bhaisteadh ar dhuine, to give a person a nickname.
An ~ bog, lag (i nduine, i rud), the soft, weak, spot (in person, thing).
Tá sé ina bhall mór acu, he is an important person among them.
Níl ann ach ~ den saol, he is just an ordinary person.
Duine ~, one who is fond of expressing opinions; an opinionated person.
2. ~ ina sheasamh, ~ gorm, dead-and-alive person.
Duine beachtaithe, correct person; captious person.
An té is lú eolas, the least knowledgeable person.
Duine ~ dearóil, wretched little person.
~ duine, ainmhí, éisc, éin, mouth of person, of animal, of fish, of bird.
~ na fírinne, na bréige, truthful person, liar.
~ ina chónaí, discreet person.
~ na céille, sensible person, one who talks sense.
~ gan smid, silent, unsociable, person.
Duine ~, pious person.
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