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Focail chosúla: ín · áin · cin · éin · gin
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in1, pron. (Form of sin1frequently used after copula) That. B’in é (é), that was it. Níorbh in duitse é, it was not so with you. Nach in é an fear? Is that not the man? Dúirt sé gurbh in a raibh aige, he said that was all he had. Ní hin mar a bheadh an cás, that is not how the case would be. Nárbh in é an rud céanna? Was that not the same thing?
in5 :i2.
in-2, pref. (Lenites b, c, f, g, m, p) Capable of, fit for, fit to be. 1. (With gs.) Bheith infheidhme, to be fit for service. Má tá sí inrúin, if she may be trusted with a secret. Dá mbeinn inaighnis leat, if I could argue with you, like you. 2. (With pp.)Má tá sé indéanta, if it can be done. Níl sé inléite, it is illegible. Cailín inphósta, girl of marriageable age. 3. (With noun ending in -acht) Inbhraiteacht, inchloisteacht, inchreidteacht, perceptibility, audibility, credibility.
in-3, pref. (ion- before broad vowel or consonant; lenites b, c, f, g, m, p) In-, il-, im-, ir-; endo-
-in4, suff. f. (gs. ~e).Ch: -in.
In ~, bogged down, stuck in the mud; in a difficulty.
In ~ an anama, critically ill.
3. In ~ do, close to, near.
Tar in ~, come soon, without delay.
In ~ sna driseacha, caught in the briars.
Tá an snáth in ~, the thread is tangled.
Chuaigh an slaghdán in ~ ionam, my cold became chronic.
In ~ na mblianta, well advanced in years.
Daoine a chur in ~ le, ina, chéile, to set people quarrelling.
Tá sé in ~, is ~ dó, teach a cheannach, he can afford to buy a house.
A rugadh in ~, who was born of adultery.
In ~ gabhair, in a dilemma.
Chuir sí a ceann in ~ an anró, she made an unfortunate marriage.
Tá sé ag rith ar chos in ~, he will trip himself up.
Léim a thabhairt (in airde) san ~, to jump into the air.
Thuas, in airde, san ~, up in the air.
Rud a chur in, san, ~, to blow sth. sky-high.
Chaith sé in, san, ~ é, he threw it up, abandoned it.
Tá sé in am aige pósadh, it is time for him to get married.
Tá sé imithe in ~ orm, it has become confused in my mind.
Ag ~ in aghaidh ruda, objecting to sth.
~ a chur in uacht, to add a condition to a will.
Rith sé abhaile in ~, he ran home quickly.
Mura bhfaighe mé bás in ~, unless I die suddenly.
In ~, in a fix.
In ~, near.
In ~ na farraige, near the sea.
I m’~, in ~ liom, near, next, to me.
Na bailte in ~ a chéile, the adjacent townlands.
In ~ láimhe, near at hand.
In ~ láithreach, near, close, by.
In ~ na hoíche, near nightfall.
An rud atá in ~ lena thoil, what he really wishes.
Níl sé in ~ lena chroí, he is not sincere about it.
In ~ chúnamh Dé, with the help of God.
Fad saoil duit in ~ na sláinte, long life and good health to you.
Tá a lámh in ~ leis, he has lost the use of his arm.
In ~, soon, without delay.
Tá ~ orm, tá mé in ~, faoi sin, I am sorry about that.
Tiocfaidh sé in ~ ort, you’ll rue it.
In aghaidh m’fhoinn agus m’~, against my wish and inclination.
~ leachta, ~ in úir, headstone, monument.
Dul in ~, to get entangled.
Tá an snáth in ~, the thread is tangled.
Lig sí a gruaig in ~, she let her hair get tousled.
Ná cuir in ~ é, don’t ravel it.
Bheith in umar, i gcorrach, i bportach, na haimléise, to be in a miserable plight.
In ~ na bhFiann, in the time of the Fianna.
In aon ~ le, contemporary with.
In ~ a bháis, at the time of his death.
Tar isteach, a Sheáin, come in, Seán.
fh- in past tenses or conditional)
An gort a gcuirfidh sé an síol ann, the field in which he will sow the seed.
An teach a raibh sé ina chónaí ann, the house in which he lived.
~ ina scillingí é, express it in shillings.
~ i nGaeilge é, say it in Irish.
Sin le rá, that is to say; in other words.
Dúirt mé liom féin gurbh fhearr dom fanacht sa bhaile, I said in my own mind, I considered, that it would be better for me to stay at home.
Dá mbeifeá i nGaillimh, ~, supposing you were in Galway.
In ~, bogged down, stuck in the mud; in a difficulty.
Duine a fhágáil san ~, to leave s.o. in the lurch.
D’fhíor nó d’~, in earnest or in jest.
3. Níor tháinig sé ~ leis é a dhéanamh, it is not in his nature to do it.
Urchar an daill faoin ~, a shot in the dark.
Tá ~ maith san éadach sin, there is good stuff in that cloth.
Tá ~ culaithe ann, there is (enough) material in it for a suit.
Níl ann ~ greann, it is only in fun.
Ní miste duit ~ an tsláinte a bheith agat, you needn’t care so long as you are in good health.
~ ar éirigh mé ar maidin, when I got up in the morning.
~ ab é go bhfuil deifir orm, if I weren’t in a hurry.
~ ar chaoi ar bith, but in any case.
Cá mhéad ~ sa Phaidir? How many petitions are there in the Lord’s Prayer?
Go h~, in brief.
In ~ sna driseacha, caught in the briars.
In ~ na mblianta, well advanced in years.
Tá an t-~ ag siúl leis, he is always in luck.
1. Bás le h~, death in bed, death from natural causes.
Faoi ~, in heat.
In ~ gabhair, in a dilemma.
Thuas, in airde, san ~, up in the air.
Amuigh faoin ~, outdoors, in the open air.
Ag ~ orainn, gazing (in wonder) at us.
Tá trácht ag Céitinn air, it is mentioned in (the writings of) Keating.
Léitear ag Eoin, it is to be read in (the gospel of) St. John.
Coinnigh agat féin é, keep it in your possession.
D’fhan an méid sin agam, that amount remained in my possession.
Is agat is fearr é, it is better in your possession.
Bhí an dochtúir agam, I had the doctor in.
D’aithin mé cé a bhí agam, I recognized who was in my presence.
Bíonn uain ag na caoirigh san earrach, the sheep have lambs in the spring.
Tá uair againn lena dhéanamh, we have an hour in which to do it.
Tá ~ aoise eatarthu, there is a difference in their ages.
Agallaimh cheoil, disputations in verse.
Tá sé imithe in ~ orm, it has become confused in my mind.
~ dára, in-calf heifer.
Tá an bháisteach san ~ orainn, the rain is in our faces.
Bíonn ~ daoine ar an áit seo sa samhradh, people frequent this place in summer.
~ le breith chúirte, a rider to a verdict in court.
D’imigh sé ~ fearg air, he went away in anger.
In ~, in a fix.
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