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Gan iarraidh gan ~, without any inducement.
Tar in ~, come soon, without delay.
Bhí sé mór againn imeacht air, it was too much to expect that we should leave without him.
Ceannaigh an drochrud ~ bí gan aon rud, if you buy a poor thing you will be left without anything.
In ~, soon, without delay.
Ag obair ar ~, working without necessary facilities.
Fágadh a h~ uirthi féin, she was left to care for herself; left without support.
Is ~ a tháinig sé agus gan an leabhar leis, actually he came without bringing the book.
An fear ~, the man without; the man next door.
Fear gan anam gan ~, a man without spirit or strength. (Of horse)
Mar nach bhfuil ~ bháid againn, because we have no boats, are without boats.
Sheol an bád air, the boat sailed without him, he missed the boat.
Gan mheabhair gan ~, without sense or feeling; unconscious.
Gan cur leis ná ~t de, without adding to or subtracting from it.
Leanbh gan bhaisteadh, unbaptized child, child who dies without baptism.
~ gan sagart, death without the administrations of a priest.
Gan bhascadh gan bhárthainn, without injury to life or limb.
Gan ~ a dtuairisce a fháil, without finding any trace of their existence.
Ní bheadh ~ orm gan é, san áit seo, I couldn’t live without it, in this place.
Bhí sé as obair, gan airgead, le cuthach, he was out of work, without money, in a fury.
Tá siad istigh, amuigh, thíos, thuas, trína chéile, they are within, without, below, above, mixed up.
Cad é a dúirt sé? Tá, gur imigh sibh air, what did he say? This, that you went away without him.
~ tur, food without condiment.
Is ~ liom imeacht air, I don’t like to go away without him.
Gan a bhorradh a chosc, without preventing its expansion.
Rud a dhéanamh gan bhraodar, to do sth. without any trouble.
Gan mhasla gan bhraodar, without strain or anxiety.
Gheobhaidh mé é gan a bheith ~ díot, I’ll get it without being behoven to you, in spite of you.
Gan do dhá chab a bhualadh ar a chéile, without letting your two lips touch each other.
Gan chába gan chlóca, without cape or cloak, poorly dressed.
~ a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad? What shall we do now without timber?
Ag ~eadh daoine gan ábhar, ar chúl a gcinn, censuring people without cause, behind their backs.
Gan chairde, without respite, at short notice.
Ní ~ a rá go, it goes without saying that.
~ na hoibre an bia, one cannot work without food.
Gan ~ dom, without consulting me.
Gan chead gan chomhairle, without leave or consultation.
Imeacht gan chead gan cheiliúradh, to leave without permission, without saying good-bye to anybody; to take French leave.
Déan do rogha ~ de, make what you like of it (you must do without it).
Pobal gan cheann, a people without a leader.
Duine gan cheannas, a person without authority, without responsibility.
~ gan chártaí, a tradesman without tools.
Glac a bhfaighidh tú is ná bí ag ~, accept without complaint whatever you get.
Gan ~ anama gan trócaire, without quarter or mercy.
Imeacht gan chead gan cheiliúradh, to leave without permission or parting greeting, to take French leave.
Má bhíonn tú ~ gan é, should you ever be without it.
Is fuar an rud ~ gan chara, fame without friends is a cheerless thing.
Ní gnách cath gan chomha, it is not usual to fight without offering terms of peace.
Gan chosc gan cheangal, without let or hindrance.
Níor bhain béim chreabhair dó; ní dhearnadh deargadh an chreabhair air, he came through without a scratch.
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