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Bíodh cluiche againn, let’s have a game.
Tá an cluiche ~, the game is over, won.
An-chluiche, a great game.
Tá tú as an imirt, you are out of the game.
Cluiche, cogadh, a bhaint, to win a game, a war.
Chuir mé cluiche agus bhí mé dhá phingin sa bháin, I got a game and was owed twopence from the kitty.
(Is) ~ buailte é, it is a lost game, cause.
~ baoise, game of folly; youthful folly.
Caith, imir, do bhearta mar is cóir, play your cards properly; play the game.
Duine, cuideachta, cluiche, a bheochan, to enliven a person, a company, a game.
Cluiche ~í, game of bowls.
~a teo, [’hot hands’ (children’s game).
4. ~ óg, (game of) house.
Cluiche a bhreathnú, to watch a game.
~ carnáin, jostling game.
~ catha, cluiche, troda, victory in battle, in game, in fight.
Cath, cluiche, duais, a bhuachan, to win a battle, a game, a prize.
Duine a bhualadh i gcoimhlint, i gcluiche, to beat s.o. in a contest, in a game.
Cá n-imreoimid an cluiche? Where will we play the game?
Rug siad an chaid leo, they won the (football) game.
Ná ligigí an chaid leo, don’t let them away with the game.
Cluiche, troid, a chailleadh, to lose a game, a fight.
Fear caillte na himeartha, the loser (of game, of contest).
Cluiche, paca, ~í, game, pack, of cards.
~ imeartha, opponent in game.
~ iomána, peile, leadóige, fichille, cártaí, game of hurling, football, tennis, chess, cards.
~ comórtais, sraithe, competitive, league, game.
~ cothrom, evenly-played, drawn, game.
~ ceannais, craoibhe, final, championship (game).
~ leathcheannais, semi-final (game).
Cluichí Oilimpeacha, Olympic games.
~ a imirt, a bhaint, a chailleadh, to play, win, lose, a game.
Chuir sé an ~ orm, he took the game from me.
~ a chur as cúl doirn, to jink, to win every trick in game.
Bhí an ~ ina dhorn aige, he had the winning of the game in his hand.
Bhí breith ~ aige, he had the winning of the game, held the winning card.
Bhí an ~ air, the game was up with him; it was his lot.
~ caointe, funeral rites, games.
3. ~ coc, game-cock; pugnacious little person.
An cluiche, an imirt, a choimhéad, to watch the game, the play.
Cluiche, scrúdú, comórtais, competitive game, examination.
~ a fháil, to gain a trick, score a five (in game of twenty-five, etc.).
~ fichead, (card-game of twenty-five.
Cluiche a chur, to win a game.
Cluiche ~ is liathróide, cup-and-ball game.
4. ~ púicín, (i) blind over eyes (in game of blindman’s-buff); blindman’s-buff, (ii) confusion; deception, delusion.
A cúig, an cluiche, a dhéanamh, to make a (trick of) five, the game.
~ dé, (words used in) child’s game played by twirling a glowing stick.
Seilg a dhíothú, to kill off game.
Níl sé ar dhíslí agat, you have lost your chance of it, can’t win at this stage of the game.
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