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the could be a grammatical form of: te »
~ uisce the, mianraí, hot, mineral, spring.
~ the, hot-bed.
1. Tine the, hot fire.
Aimsir the, warm weather.
Deoch the, warm drink.
Séamas a Dó, James the Second.
Eoin Fiche a Trí, John the Twenty-Third.
Bus a seacht, the (number) seven bus; the seven (o’clock) bus.
An fear atáthar a dhaoradh, the man who is being condemned.
Chaill an t-éan a chleití, a eiteog, the bird lost its feathers, its wing.
Thréig an chaora a tréad, a huan, the sheep left its flock, its lamb.
An fear a chuireann síol, the man who sows seed.
An síol a chuireann sé, a chuirtear, the seed which he sows, which is sown.
An síol a cuireadh, a d’fhás, the seed which was sown, which grew.
An té a itheann feoil, the person who eats meat.
An fheoil a itear, the meat which is eaten.
An cat a d’ól an bainne, the cat which drank the milk.
An té a d’fhreagair mé, the person who answered me.
An lá a baisteadh é, the day he was baptized.
An gort a gcuirfidh sé an síol ann, the field in which he will sow the seed.
An teach a raibh sé ina chónaí ann, the house in which he lived.
An fear a bhfuil a mhac ag imeacht, the man whose son is going away.
An té a n-ólaim a shláinte, the person whose health I drink.
~ an fhírinne, tell the truth.
Sin é a deir na húdair, that is what the authorities state.
Mar a dúirt Seán leis an asal, as Seán said about the donkey.
~ ag an obair, able for, equal to, the work.
In ~, bogged down, stuck in the mud; in a difficulty.
Duine a fhágáil san ~, to leave s.o. in the lurch.
An bealach ~ , the way home.
Chuaigh an buille ~ air, the blow took effect on him.
Thug na cosa ~ iad, the feet moulded them.
4. Ní raibh an teacht ~ ann, he had not the strength to recover.
Urchar an daill faoin ~, a shot in the dark.
~ dea-dhuine, the makings of a good man.
~ file, scoláire, the makings of a poet, of a scholar.
Ar an ~ go, for the reason that.
Baineann sé le h~, it is relevant to the subject.
I bhfad ón ~, wide of the mark, irrelevant.
Bhí an bád ag imeacht ar a h~ féin, the boat was drifting.
An A~ Choisricthe, the Consecrated Host.
~ a broinne, the product of her womb.
Taobh ~ den loch, on this side of the lake.
An ~, the absolute.
Mura bhfuil ort ~ gur scríobadh thú, if there is nothing the matter with you but that you were scratched.
Níl sé ~ ag rá nár thuig sé an cás, he is only saying that he didn’t understand the case.
~ ar éirigh mé ar maidin, when I got up in the morning.
~ grásta Dé, but for the grace of God.
~ ab é, ~ gurb é, an teas, but for the heat.
Tá an buidéal lán ~ sa bheag, the bottle is practically full.
Cúig ~ Uisnigh, the five fields of Uisneach, the five fifths of Ireland.
Uair na h~, the psychological moment.
Cá mhéad ~ sa Phaidir? How many petitions are there in the Lord’s Prayer?
Níl aon ~ sa lá, the day is very short.
Bhí mé anseo ar feadh an achair, I was here all the while.
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